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Emu Oil - 1 oz.

No Fragrance - No Added Ingredients
Price: $12.00
Pure Emu Oil - 1 oz.

All Natural, No Fragrance, No Added Ingredients

  • Transdermal—absorbs quickly through  all layers of skin  - No oily or greasy feel!!
  • Anti-Inflammatory—may help irritated red, itchy, and inflamed skin conditions.  Used for sore muscle and joint symptoms.
  • Hypo-Allergenic—for sensitive skin
  • Anti-Bacterial—minor cuts, and burns
  • Does Not Clog Pores—moisturize, soften fine lines and wrinkles—blemishes, redness

 Common uses for Emu Oil….

 Skin hydration               Psoriasis          Eczema
Burns                       Sunburns                 Windburn
Bed Sores               Scrapes                   Scratches
Wounds                  Cold sores               Circulation
Tired feet                Scars                       Skin Grafts
Surgery Incision      Stretch Marks          Hair loss
Diaper Rash            Bug Bites & Stings  Acne
Wrinkles                  Rosacea                  Arthritis 
Shingles                 Diabetic Bruising     Bursitis   
Fibromyalgia            Muscles strains       Tendonitis
Hemorrhoids            Headaches             Earaches                 


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