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$18.95 ---- 2 for $33.90 For Extra Dry, Red, or Itchy Skin Conditions Absorbs Fast to nurture your skin! Natural Ingredients with Essential Oils. No Commercial Fragrances.

Vitality Naturals Emu Oil is monitored and controlled throughout its whole process—from raising the emu to developing a complete product ready for customer use.  We have been in business since 1995 educating and promoting the emu industry. Vitality Naturals Emu Oil is refined at a facility that follows the American Emu Association certification standards for purity and quality.  Vitality Naturals Emu Oil Products are made with Certified Emu Oil, Natural Ingredients, and Essential Oils—appreciated by those with sensitive skin.  Vitality, LLC. prides itself in manufacturing high quality products using the best ingredients. 


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