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$23.95 .... DISCOUNTS - Buy 2-3 for 5% off; or Buy 4-5 for 10% off Facial Moisturizer - 1 oz. Formulated with Ultra ClearTM Emu Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender, & Tea Tree Oil—helps the natural resiliency & elasticity for facial skin. Absorbs quickly, no oily feel, leaving soft silky skin! Used for fine lines, wrinkles, facial blemishes & redness. All Natural.
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Pure Skin Nutrition!

Jan 13, 2023
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3 products - special price - $32
-- Extra Strength Skin Care
-- 1 oz. Emu Oil
-- Lip Balm

NEW --- Business Name - Vitality Emu Oil
          --- Location - back at the farm in Inkster, ND
          --- Email Address -
SAME --- Phone numbers -  701-865-4274 and 218-779-3759
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*** not available now (back in stock later) - LAVENDER LOTION *** 

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---   Extra Strength Skin Care sells in 4 oz. BOTTLE or a 4 oz. JAR 


PURE EMU OIL - All Natural - No Fragrance - No Added Ingredients
1 oz - $10.95  /  2 oz. - $19.95  /  4 oz. - $31.95

Moisturize and soothe irritated skin.  Used for all Skin types.
Maintain young and healthy skin.     ~Soft N Silky~    

 Transdermal—absorbs quickly through  all layers of skin  - No oily or greasy feel!!

  • Anti-Inflammatory—may help irritated red, itchy, and inflamed skin conditions.  Used for sore muscle and joint symptoms.
  • Hypo-Allergenic—for sensitive skin, and babies
  • Anti-Bacterial—minor cuts, and burns
  • Does Not Clog Pores—moisturize, soften fine lines and wrinkles—blemishes, redness

 Vitality Naturals uses refined emu oil that meets the stringent specifications for the Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade Rules and the AEA Certified Emu Oil Program established by the AEA (American Emu Association).       

Pure unadulterated Emu Oil!


- Contain, Emu Oil, Natural Ingredients, and Essential Oils

· Facial Moisturizer—1 oz.—for fine lines, wrinkles, facial blemishes, & redness. Absorbs fast, no oily feel. Does Not Clog Pores!

· Hand & Body Lotion—8 oz.—for dry, cracked, skin conditions—for people who wash their hands often. Men’s favorite—no greasy feel.    

· Extra Strength Skin Care4 oz.— Jar or Bottle - Natural ingredients & emu oil concentrated to moisturize your skin naturally with fast resultstherapeutic use to soothe redness, itching, & inflammation due to chronic skin conditions.

· Lip BalmExcellent for dry, cracked lips, cold sores and fever blisters. Smooth, not sticky.

· Natural Soap—3 oz. bar—Cleanse, moisturize your skin—face & body.

· Joint & Muscle Rub—4 oz.—Emu Oil, menthol and essential oils.  For arthritis—type discomfort, tired feet, skin bruises, muscle strains & sprains, hands & feet with limited circulation. Odor dissipates, 30 minutes

· Ultra Emu Oil Gel Caps—90 ct.— Emu Oil naturally contains fatty acids the body requires—notably Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids.  It has the highest concentration and best balance to support the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems.




Weber's Grocery                                 Reynolds       ND 

CVB Williston                                    Williston         ND

Snow IIe Greeting Cards, LLC           Southfield      MI

Sanford Bemidji Hospital Gift Shop Bemidji MN
Nord's Pharmacy Fosston MN
Weber's Grocery Reynolds ND

Natures Country Store - 2 stores Grand Forks ND
Billie's Soap and Spa Grand Forks ND
Walls Medical Center Grand Forks ND
Salt Therapies and Wellness Grand Forks ND
Classic Image Emerado ND

Vintage Point Fargo ND
MinnDak - West Acres Mall Fargo ND
Beulah Drug Store Beulah ND
Arrowhead Plaza Drug Bismarck ND
Dakota Pharmacy (2oz EmuOil only) Bismarck ND
Prairie Creek Bismarck ND
Terry's Health Products Bismarck ND
Bottineau Clinic Pharmacy Bottineau ND

Neumann Rexall Drug Cando ND

Medora C Store Medora  ND
Thrifty White Drug D.L. Devils Lake ND
Mott Drug Mott ND
Larsen Service Drug New Town ND
Ye Olde Medicine Center Park River ND
Rolla Drug Inc. Rolla  ND
Dakota Drug Stanley ND
Tioga Drug Tioga ND
Hazen Drug Hazen ND
Larsen Service Drug Watford City ND
Barrett Pharmacy Watford City ND
City Shoe & Saddle Shop Douglas WY

Today's Specials

Sore Muscles and Joints
Joint & Muscle Rub (was Pain Formula) 4 oz. - $26.95
Price: $26.95 .........DISCOUNTS - Buy 2-3 for 5% off; or Buy 4-5 for 10% off
Joint & Muscle Rub (was Pain Formula) 4 oz. - $26.95
Joint & Muscle Rub - 4 oz.
Skin Care Set - Skin Care, 1 oz. Emu Oil, and Lip Balm
Price: Skin Care Set - Skin Care, 1oz Emu Oil, Lip Balm
Skin Care Set - Skin Care, 1 oz. Emu Oil, and Lip Balm
Skin Care Set - 3 Vitality Emu Oil Products to take care of your extra dry red or itchy skin. Extra Strength Skin Care, 1 oz. Emu Oil, and Lip Balm. Pure Skin Nutrition!
Vitality Emu Oil
JoAnna and Rachel

Vitality Emu Oil
2981 37th St NE
Inkster, ND  58244
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